Wild Wednesday!

Hello Stampers!  Do any of you know why I called today Wild Wednesday?  I'm a preschool teacher and on Wednesdays the kids all just seem a lot more wild than other days!  That is why we call it Wild Wednesday! 

I want to thank everyone who has sent comments in to my blog!  In case you don't know how to do that, go to the bottom of each post and it says "posted at ____, Permalink, Comments, ..."  Click on the word comments and it will take you to a screen where you can leave a comment!  Get familiar with doing that because when I start giving away my Blog Candy, I will pick names of those who have left comments!!!

I've also had some questions about my Halloween jars!  Weren't they so cute!!!  I got the jars at Michaels, and if you are a local customer of mine, yes I will also sell the finished jar with M&M's for you.  Let me know if you are interested and I will quote you a price.

Back to today's post!  I have some friends who sell Real Estate.  I had decided that I would make some cards for them to use as gifts for their buying clients along with a personalized address stamp.  Great idea huh!!!  Here is what I came up with:Blog_008

This card is using the Stampin' Around wheel Neighborhood.  Don't you love the wheels!  They make it so easy!!!  I used the stamp set Right At Home for the We've Moved stamp.  This set is retired.  I used the combination of Ballet Blue and Ruby Red for cardstock.Blog_009 

This card is using the stamp set Right at Home (retired) and I punched out the windows with the 1/8" hole punch.  I love the way it makes it look like the lights are on in the windows!  I got this idea from a swap I received a few years ago at convention from Janice Przybyla.  For cardstock I used Rose Red (one of my favorites!), Yoyo Yellow, and Taken with Teal.

This card is again using the stamp set Right at Home (retired).  I used the color combination of Certainly Celery, Bashful Blue, and Barely Banana.Blog_010  This card just comes across as a "feel good" card!

Just to let everyone know too, I do sell my completed cards.  I have a fairly good size stash at home and I will also sell the samples that I put on my blog that I have made.  My cards are $2 each (envelope included) or three for $5.  I even have a customer that contacts me regularly and says she need adult birthday, kids birthday, thank you, etc. cards and she just runs by and shops!  I will even do custom cards.  I have a request right now for a 12 year old boy sports card.  Ask and you shall receive!!!

I'm closing out for now.  This blog has taken me forever to write!  I got started and my youngest daughter, Amie, came to me and said that her bottom lip felt funny.  It looked a little swollen, but she and her sister had been wrestling so I just figured she had hit it.  I told her she was fine and to put a piece of ice on it.  She came back about 5 minutes later and said that it was really feeling funny.  I looked up at her and her lip was twice the size as usual!  I started looking for Benadryl, but all we had was tablets, and of course she can't swallow them yet.  So, I had to take a break and run to Walgreens!  Thank goodness there is one on every corner!  On the way there I remembered that she had woken up this morning and her eyelids were swollen.  I asked her what she had done and she said she hadn't even noticed it!  She said she had noticed though that when she looked up she could see her eyelids though!    Don't you think that would startle you if you looked up and saw your eyelids???

Have a great day!  Happy Stampin' and TTFN!