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Make a Card Monday

Mail a card Monday!

Hello Stampers!  Today is Make a card/Mail a card Monday.  I did get some cards sent out today for birthdays and stuff coming up this week, but the Make a card video didn't get done!  


I had my card ministry at church this morning and again this evening.  My afternoon was filled with laundry and grocery shopping!  So unfortunately, making a video got pushed aside!  

Never fear though, I will get it done tomorrow.

So last week my hubby and I went down to Florida for the Cardinals spring training!  We go every year and love it!  So imagine our surprise when we came home to this:

IMG_0742 (1) It started snowing on us when we were almost home!  We so wanted to hop back on the plane and head back to Florida!

Thanks for stopping by!  Leave me a comment and let me know if you have ever gone down for spring training!  Or if you would love to go!  I'll do a drawing for a free card giveaway!

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