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More Occasions catalog swaps

Hello Stampers!  Today I have some other swaps to share with you that i recently received in a swap that I participated in.

IMG_0353 This card was made by Lynn Feldkamp.

IMG_0354 This card was made by Sharon McNeely.

IMG_0355 This card was made by Karen Titus.

IMG_0356 This card was made by Rhonda Bassler.

IMG_0357 This card was made by Renee Kohnke.

IMG_0358 This card was made by Kim Vogel.

IMG_0359 This card was made by Janice Weightman.

IMG_0360 This card was made by Barb Mullikin.

IMG_0361 This is the card with the door to the right,

IMG_0362 Here is the door to the left.  This card was made by Mary Anne Grimmar.

IMG_0363 This card was made by Tamra Davis.

IMG_0364 This card was made by Sandy Carlson.

IMG_0365 This card was made by Natalie Travis.

IMG_0366 This card was made by Jenn Gulch. 

IMG_0367 This card was made by Dena Rekow.

IMG_0368 This card was made by Tami White.

Hope you enjoyed these swaps!  I've got more to come so keep checking back!!

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