August card & techique class
Incentive trip achievers part 2

Trip achiever swaps

Hello Stampers!  Awhile before I went on the Thailand incentive trip, there was a swap among any achiever who wanted to participate.  I of course did because I LOVE to do swaps!  It is so awesome to get samples and ideas from people with different styles than my own!  I was in two different groups, so today I'm going to share one set of the cards!

IMG_9096-001 This card was made by Monika Davis

IMG_9097-001 This card was made by Tara Davis

IMG_9098-001 This card was made by Sandy Carlson

IMG_9099-001 This card was made by Amy Combs

IMG_9100-001 This card was made by Cynthia McQueen

IMG_9101-001 This card was made by Nancy Juliano

IMG_9102-001 This card was made by Mary Anne Grimmer

IMG_9103-001 This card was made by BJ Peters

IMG_9104-001 This card was made by Jackie Ross

IMG_9105-001 This card was made by Renee Kohnke

IMG_9106-001 This card was made by Barb Mullikin

IMG_9107-001 This card was made by Karen Titus

IMG_9108-001 This card was made by Kim Vogel

IMG_9109-001 This card was made by Lynn Feldkamp

IMG_9110-001 This card was made by Jenn Gulch

Thanks for stopping by and checking these out!  Come back tomorrow to see the other group!

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