Incentive trip swap sneak peek!
Thailand incentive trip 3D swap

Thailand incentive trip swap cards

Hello Stampers!  While I was in Thailand, they held a card and a 3D swap.  Here are the swap cards that I received:

IMG_9511 This card was made by Fanny Minne

IMG_9512 This card was made by Karina Chin

IMG_9513 This card was made by Glenda Mollet

IMG_9514 This card was made by Alicia Graham


IMG_9516 This card was made by Georgia Giguere


IMG_9518 This is what happens when you pull on the string!  The bike moves!  This card was by Ute Jung

IMG_9519 This card is by Yvette Lange

IMG_9520 This card is by Jamie Albanese

IMG_9521 This card is by Cindy Baughman

IMG_9522 This card was made by Sue Lepako

IMG_9523 This card was made by Linda Macpherson

IMG_9524 This card was made by BJ Peters

IMG_9525 This card was made by Lee Conrey

IMG_9526-001 This card was made by Kerry Timms

IMG_9527 This card was made by Erica Cerwin

IMG_9528 This card was made by Heike Vass

IMG_9529 This card was made by Alisa Mawson

IMG_9530 This card was made by Michelle Nicholson

IMG_9531 This card was made by Kay Kalthoff

IMG_9532-001 This card was made by Cindy Waldroff

IMG_9533-001 This card was made by Sandy Carlson

IMG_9534-001 This is how it opens up!

IMG_9535 This card was made by Anke Heim

IMG_9536 This card was made by Klein Kunst Schatzkammer

Thanks for stopping by!  Come back tomorrow and see the 3D swaps that I received!

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