Thailand incentive trip swap cards
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Thailand incentive trip 3D swap

Hello Stampers!  While I was on the incentive trip to Thailand, they held a 3D swap that I thought would be fun to participate in.  Here are the swaps that I received:

IMG_9537-001 This cute little thing was made by Jarmila Vik

IMG_9538-001 It holds gum!

IMG_9539-001 This picture is about 5" X 5"

IMG_9540-001 It has a stand in the back.  This was made by Meg Loven

IMG_9541-001 This is a stand up twist box and it holds a tube of lotion. 


IMG_9543-001 This cute little pig in a box was made by Laetitia Boidevaix

IMG_9544-001 This cute box contains a hanky and was made by Barbra Lash


IMG_9546-001 This was made by Sandy Risi


IMG_9548-001 This pretty box was made by Mardina Wiechner


IMG_9550-001 This cute little purse was made by Glenda Mollet

IMG_9551-001 This fun sucker holder was made by Candy Rattray

IMG_9552-001 This little box with a candle was made by Francine Derion

IMG_9554-001 This little pocket with biscotti was made by Shannon Cole

IMG_9555-001 I love this create banner by LeeAnn Greff!  This is going up in my stamp room!

IMG_9556-001This album opens up to:

IMG_9557-001 This was made by Genevieve Ko

IMG_9558-001 This little chipboard ornament was made by Kim Fee and is also going up in my stamp room!

IMG_9559-001 This cute little pocket for instant coffee was made by Amy Storrie

IMG_9560-001 This little pocket was made by Robin Feicht 

IMG_9561-001 This sucker holder was made by Sandy Carlson.  She even gave us dimensions to make these during our demonstrator Share Fair


IMG_9563-001 This cute little post it note holder was made by Selene Kempton

IMG_9564-001 These cute little clips are made by Renee Kohnke

IMG_9565-001 This is the back of them

IMG_9566-001 This little card holds instant coffee by Sandy Risi


IMG_9568-001 This is a cute card opened up

IMG_9569-001 This was made by Irene Wendlandt

IMG_9570-001 This is a little album

IMG_9571-001This is another little album and this one is magnetic

IMG_9572-001 It opens up like this and was made by Diana Kelvin

IMG_9573-001 This is a little beach house.

Thanks for stopping by to see all of my 3D swaps.  Hopefully these have inspired you!

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