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Hello Stampers!  Boy did I have a great weekend at OnStage in Shreveport, Louisiana!  I attended a great CenterStage on Friday evening which was a leadership training, and we had our big all day event on Saturday!  The best thing was that I got to see the new catalog!  You are going to LOVE it!  

Look at this haul I came home with!!!

IMG_8790-001  I have them hidden in the picture, because I can't show you yet, but I came home with 5 new stamp sets!!!  The item on the left, with the rose on it, is a new apron!  I love it!  Want to see some of the swaps I received?

I was in an organized swap, so I  got some full cards.  Here they are:


IMG_8792-001 This card was made by Sarah Fleming.

IMG_8793-001 This card was made by Cathy Bartlett. 

IMG_8794-001 This card was made by Roxie Geiser-Weaver.


IMG_8796-001 This card was made by Jane Para.

IMG_8797-001 This card was made by Melissa Tubb.

IMG_8798-001 This card was made by Lisa Stokes.


IMG_8800-001 This card was made by Michele Robins-Keifer.

IMG_8801-001 This card was made by Jenn Gulch.

IMG_8802-001 This card was made by Jane Para.

IMG_8803-001 This card was made by Fern Pickle.

IMG_8804-001 This card was made by Lisa Stokes.

IMG_8805-001 This card was made by Pat Smith.

IMG_8806-001 This card was made by Melissa Tubb.

IMG_8807-001 This is the fun little gifty we got for participating in the swap!

Thanks for stopping by to take a look!

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