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More Sesame Street

Hello Stampers!  Well, I promised you more friends for Cookie Monster, so here they are!

Blog 502 Here is Zoe, I think she is adorable!  And finally......

Blog 503 we have to have an Oscar!  Hope you enjoyed the Sesame Street bunch!

Remember that all of my cards are available to purchase!  I have a friend who wants to make these for her son's 1st birthday party invitations!!!  Won't they be sweet????

Happy Stampin' and TTFN!

Sesame Street

Hello Stampers!  First things first.  I forgot to wish a couple of people a Happy Birthday yesturday.  My bad!  Happy Birthday to my Uncle Gary!  I know he doesn't read my blog, but my Aunt Vicki does, so could you please wish him a Belated Happy Birthday!  Yesturday was also my good friend Kathy's birthday!  Happy Birthday Kathy!

I have another preschool story today too!  Today was bike day.  All of the preschoolers could bring either their bikes or scooters, and we went out into the parking lot and rode bikes.  After we were finished and were coming inside, one of the preschoolers came up to me, gave me a big hug and said "Miss Dina, this was the best bike day that I've ever had!!!"  Keep in mind that they are only 4 years old and this is probably the only bike day that they have ever had!  They can just melt your heart!

I have been so excited waiting to show you the CUTEST kid birthday cards that I made!!!

Blog 500 Isn't he adorable???  I found this card on this blog, so I just naturally had to make one!  He is made from the Scallop Circle die with the Big Shot.  After I made him, I decided that he needed friends!  So.......

Blog 499 I came up with an Elmo!  Isn't he adorable too????  Well, by this time, I was on a roll.  So.........

Blog 501 Big Bird was next!  I love them!  Come back tomorrow to see a couple more of their friends!!!

Happy Stampin' and TTFN!

Upline/Sideline swap - part 3

Hello Stampers!  This is the last of my upline/sideline swaps that I have to show!

Blog 496 This card is from Christine Berhorst.  She used the set Fun & Fast Notes.  If you look closely, you can see that she used the faux tear technique and shaded in Pretty In Pink and Bashful Blue.  Very cute!

Blog 497 This card is from Pam Cole.  She used the set Sweet Stems.  I love these colors together!

Blog 498

This last card is from Jeri Holm.  She used the set Thoughts & Prayers.  She used the Smoosh technique and covered the tree with glitter!  Too cool!

I just love doing swaps because you get such cool and different ideas!

Happy Stampin' and TTFN!

Upline/Sideline swap - part 2

Hello Stampers!  Today I want to show you some more of the swaps that I received in my recent upline/sideline swap.

Blog 502 This card is by Peggy Fullbright.  She used my favorite Easter stamp set, A Good Egg!

Blog 503 This beauty is from Sherrie Ruesch!  I just love these colors together!  And doesn't the embossing on the first layer look gorgeous????

She used the stamp set, Great Friend, which is in the Occasions mini catalog.

Blog 504

This card is from DeAnn Shirling.  She used the stamp set, Scene in a Garden, from the Occasions mini catalog.  That is really a cute set and I've seen lots of neat cards made with it!

Come back tomorrow for the rest of my swaps.  I've been playing with some new toys I got from SU! too, so I'll have lots of new stuff to show you coming up!

Happy Stampin' and TTFN!

Upline/sideline swap

Hello Stampers!  Well, the vendor fair is over, and now life can start to get back to normal!  I wanted to share with you some cards that I received in a swap that I did with my upline/sideline a few weeks ago.

Blog 499 This card is from Peggy Marsh.  Isn't it pretty?  It is using the Level 2 Hostess set, Echoes of Kindness.

Blog 500 This card is from Sally Collier.  Don't you just love the way that she used the trees from the set Trendy Trees to make the carrots?

Blog 501 This fun card is from Tina Aspegren.  It is using the Level 1 Hostess set, Comfort Food.

I'll show more swaps tomorrow!

Happy Stampin' and TTFN!

Baby Cards & Scrapbook Boxes

Hello Stampers!  This is the last day that I'm going to show you stuff from my vendor fair!  The fair is tomorrow, so I hope I do well!  I've been working on stuff for quite awhile!

Blog 495 These cute little cards are Welcome baby cards!  Aren't they adorable???  I have also made some that are thank you cards that I'm selling in sets!  I just love them!!!

Blog 493 This is a cute little scrapbook box.  When it is folded up, it looks just like a little box.  But when you take the lid off......

Blog 494 it turns into a little scrapbook page!  This box is made from a 6 X 6 piece of cardstock, and I also made some larger ones out of 12 X 12 cardstock.  They were fun!  I got the directions off of SCS.

Hope to see you at the vendor fair tomorrow if you are local!  I sent out an e-mail to my customers that if you come by my booth, I will give you half off of your next stamp pad purchase with an additional $25 order!

Happy Stampin' and TTFN!

Bookmarks, Photo Holders & Broken Fingers!

Hello Stampers!  I have to tell you that I have spent about enough time talking to doctor's offices on the phone lately!  My oldest daughter, Casie, has a tear in her Medial Meniscus of her left knee.  She has had x-rays, MRI's, and now has to have surgery on May 8th.  Yesturday, my youngest daughter, Amie, broke her finger playing football!  So today, I was on the phone trying to find out how to wrap and splint it.  I guess her football playing days are over!  I told her she needs to stick to soccer!

  Blog 491 Alright!  A couple more items to show you from my vendor fair.  These are photo holders that are simply made with binder clips!  Aren't they fun!  And isn't that puppy face just adorable???  She is definately a sweetie!  She needs to go in for her annual check-up too, I guess that's one more doctor for me to talk to tomorrow!

Blog 492 These are some fun bookmarks I made with the Tart & Tangy stamp set.  I love that stamp set!  It makes things look so summery!  These are giant paper clips that I have only been able to ever find at Walmart.

Happy Stampin' and TTFN!

Animal Candy Holders & Gift Card Holders

Hello Stampers!  Happy Earth Day!  Did you all do your part to help the earth today by turning all electrical things off for one hour?  Our kids made sure that we did!  My hubby barbecued chicken for dinner and I fixed a salad to go with it, so that we didn't use any additional electricity!  The kids were watching over us the whole time, just to make sure!  I was hoping that the hour would extend into my doing dishes time so that I could claim that I couldn't do them because the hot water heater would be needed for the dish water, but unfortunately, our hour was up before that time!  The only question that I have is since when did Earth Day turn into Earth Hour?????

I didn't get a post done yesturday because I was so close to finishing my order for 70 hanging picture frames, that I just wanted to get them done!  Here is what they looked like all packaged up!

Blog 486

Blog 489 Now, on to some other items that I'm going to have available at my vendor fair this Saturday!  I made these cupcake gift card holders!  They were fun to make!  Have I mentioned before that I LOVE my Big Shot?????

Blog 488 The top piece rotates around to show the gift card underneath!

Blog 487

I also made these cute little Animal Candy Holders.  I found these at  They each hold a Hershey's Nugget inside them!  I made extras of these to give away at my Bunco group on Friday evening.  It's at my house this month!

Happy Stampin' and TTFN!

Golf tee and marker caddy & Hanging photo frame

Hello Stampers!  Boy was today just a super busy day!  I had to work this morning until 1:00, I had to pick Casie up at aschool to be at a doctors appointment at 3:00, Amie had to stay after school until 3:40, Casie had to be at color guard practice at 4:00, she needed to be picked up at 6:00, and Amie had her National Junior Honor Society induction ceremony at 6:30!  Finally we are home and I'm proud to say that everybody got where they were supposed to be on time! 

Blog 484 Here is Amie after the ceremony.  They had well over a hundred kids apply, and they only took 33!  I'm so proud of her!  She was very nervous before the ceremony because they were each supposed to get up and thank people.  She did great!

On to stamping!  I'll show you more items that I'm going to have at my vendor fair this weekend.

Blog 379

I know I have showed these on my blog before, but I'm going to have some available at the fair this weekend too.  I just love these hanging photo frames.

Blog 482

These are golf tee and marker caddys.  I received one of these as a swap at convention several years ago, and I thought they would be fun to make as Father's Day gifts!  Didn't they turn out cute???

Blog 483

Here is what they look like on the inside!

Happy Stampin' and TTFN!

April Punch Bunch

Hello Stampers!  I forgot to post the monthly Punch Bunch items!  This month, I'm also going to show the item used on a card to help give you ideas of what to do with your creations!

Blog 474 I thought this lion was cute!  He is really cute on a boy card!

I found him on Split Coast Stampers.

Blog 475 Sorry for the blurry card.

Blog 476 I thought this little person with an umbrella was very appropriate for Spring!

Blog 477 And I love this card with the puddles and rain clouds!

Blog 478 And of course I had to throw in some Easter images!  This little bunny is from Jill at

Blog 479 And he looks extra cute with his Easter basket on his arm!

Blog 480 Finally there is this funny little Easter chick!  Don't you just love the hair on the top of his head!!!!!  Unfortunately, I don't remember where I got this idea from.  Sorry!

Blog 481 Isn't he even cuter sitting in his Easter grass!

Hope you enjoyed them!

Happy Stampin' and TTFN!

Gift Bags & Purses

Hello Stampers!  WOW!  Has it ever been a wet weekend here in St. Louis!  We have had a lot of rain over the last couple of days.  And guess what?  Amie of course had a soccer tournament this weekend!  They played the games today, even though the fields were a mess! Well, here, you can see for yourself!

Soccer1 Notice the couple of inches of water that they are all standing in!!!  This was in the middle of the field after the game.  They won the tournament though, so I guess it was worth it!  Can you guess what I came home and did?????  LAUNDRY!  My daughter Amie is the third girl from the left.

Want to see a closer view of the back of her uniform???

Blog 470 She looks like she just sat right down in a mud puddle!

Now on to stamping, the main reason you visited my blog!

Blog 472 I made up some gift bags with matching cards for the vendor fair this next weekend.  I love the way these turned out!  I have really used the Simple Birthday Thanks stamp set a lot!  I just use my marker to color in the parts that I want to stamp, and then am sure to huff on it before stamping!

Blog 473

This is a purse in a box.  I made some of these for one of my hostess appreciation parties I had.  My hostesses seemed to really like them, so I thought I would make some up to see if they sell!

Remember, all of the items that I'm showing this week will be available at the vendor fair this weekend.  If you can't make it, just let me know if you have your eye on something!

Happy Stampin' and TTFN!


Nugget Boxes and Bows

Hello Stampers!  I have a vendor fair coming up next weekend, and I wanted to show you some of the things that I will have available at my booth!  Each day for the next week I will show you some of the items.  If you see something you've got to have, and know you won't be able to make it to the fair, please let me know!!!  The fair will be at Robinson's Elementary School in Kirkswood.  The hours are from 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Saturday, April 25th.

Blog 467 These cute little matchboxes contain 4 Hershey's Nuggets!  Aren't they cute???  I have some for birthdays and some for thank you's.  I will have a variety of colors and patterns available.

I have seen these in serveral places on blogs, so I'm not sure who to give credit to, so if this is your original idea, please let me know so that I can give you credit!

Blog 468 These are super cute Spring bows.  They are pretty good size, and measure approximately 5 inches in width.  I have been making these for a couple of years and do not have any idea where I got the directions for these!

Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek!  I'll have more stuff to show tomorrow!

Happy Stampin' and TTFN!

Daisies die cut

Hello Stampers!  Well, I think my computer situation is finally fixed!  My internet has been down for a couple of days.  You never pay attention to how much you really use something until it is gone!  But now I am back in business!

Before I show you some stamping, I have to tell you about this really cool thing!  I won a Werther's Caramel Chocolate House Party!  I have been very skeptical of it, until I received my Party Box today!

Blog 464 Who knew that these things were for real!!!  I received 5 boxes of Werther's Caramel Chocolates, both milk chocolate and dark chocolate!  That's 60 bags of chocolates to you and me!  I got hundreds of coupons, tons of Werther's post it notes (do I see post it note holders being stamped in my future???), a chocolate card game, and a really soft chocolate colored throw that says Werther's on it!  How cool is all of that??? 

And yes, of course I had to immediately open a box and try the chocolates!  I couldn't possibly give these to anybody unless I tried them first!!!  And, I have to say, they are very creamy and delicious!

Blog 466

Isn't this card cool too?  I know there isn't much stamping on it, but I just got my new Daisies #2 die cut!  It makes really beautiful flowers.  I had to pick bright springy colors, because they are my favorite!

Happy Stampin' and TTFN!

Monthly Card Class

Hello Stampers!  Today I wanted to show you the cards that we made during my card class.  This class is free to my club members, and $10 to non-club members.  Everyone is welcome!

Blog 460 This is a cute card using the Cheep Talk stamp set.  To make this card they got to use the stamp-a-ma-jig and the crimper.  Here's the recipe:

Stamp set - Cheep Talk

Cardstock - Pumpkin Pie, Chocolate Chip, Certainly Celery, White

Stamp pad - Pumpkin Pie. Ballet Blue, Certainly Celery, Chocolate Chip

Accessories - Stamp-a-ma-jig, Crimper,  Grosgrain ribbon, ticket corner punch

Blog 461  This card uses the Versamark pad.  I have had several people ask to show how to use it, so we used it on the certainly celery cardstock on this card.  Here's the recipe:

Stamp set - Garden Whimsy, Short & Sweet

Cardstock - Real Red, Black, Certainly Celery, White

Stamp pad - Black, Versamark

Accessories - Scallop circle punch, 1" circle punch, 1 1/4" circle punch, 1 3/8" circle punch, scallop edge punch, markers, black gingham ribbon

Blog 462 Isn't this card gorgeous!!!!!  This card uses the Big Shot with the Manhattan Flower textured Impressions die.  It also uses the new scallop oval punch and the Oval All stamp set that are both available for a limited time in the Occasions mini catalog!  Here's the recipe:

Stamp set - Oval All

Cardstock - So Saffron, White, Glossy White

Stamp pad - Black

Accessories - Big Shot, Manhattan Flower textured Impressions die, Scallop oval punch, So Saffron ribbon (retired SAB).

Love this card!!!

Don't forget too that any of these cards are available to purchase for $2 each!

Happy Stampin' and TTFN!